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Low-Power, Secure Cyclone III LS FPGAs(2009-06-30)

Decrease your system’s power and implement system-level security with new Cyclone® III LS FPGAs, the industry’s lowest power FPGAs with security. Cyclone III LS FPGAs feature up to 200K logic elements using less than 0.25W of static power in the smallest package size per LE in the industry, satisfying your design’s stringent size, weight, and power requirements.

Cyclone III LS FPGAs are the first FPGAs to include a full suite of security features at the silicon, software, and IP level on a low-power, high-functionality device. Security features include:

  • 256-bit volatile AES key encryption to prevent cloning and tampering
  • JTAG port protection to prevent unauthorized access to proprietary IP
  • Anti-tamper capabilities in silicon and IP clear device data in case of a security breach
  • Design separation for implementing independent and secure regions within the FPGA

Cyclone III LS devices provide the right combination of power, size, functionality, and security for secure communications, portable video equipment, and femtocell applications. Cyclone III LS FPGAs are shipping now, so download Quartus II software version 9.0 SP2 and start designing today!

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