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Now Shipping—Order the Arria II GX Development Kit Today (2009-10-09)

Development Kit Contents

Industrial Networking

The Arria II GX FPGA Development Kit is RoHS compliant and features the following:

  • Arria II GX EP2AGX125EF35 FPGA in the 1152-pin fine pitch BGA package
    • 124,100 logic elements (LEs)
    • 49,640 adaptive logic modules (ALMs)
    • 8,121 Kb on-chip memory
    • 12 high-speed transceivers
    • 6 phase-locked loops (PLLs)
    • 576 18x18 multipliers
    • 0.9-V core power
  • Max® II EPM2210F256 CPLD in the 256-pin Fine Pitch BGA Package
    • 2.5-V core power
  • On-board ports
    • One HSMC expansion port
    • One gigabit Ethernet port
  • On-board memory
    • 128-MB 16-bit DDR3 device
    • 1-GB 64-bit DDR2 SODIMM
    • 2-MB SSRAM
    • 64-MB flash
  • FPGA configuration circuitry
    • MAX II CPLD and flash fast passive parallel configuration
    • On-board USB-Blaster™ circuitry using the Quartus II Programmer
  • On-board clocking circuitry
    • Four on-board oscillators
      • 100 MHz
      • Programmable oscillator, default frequency 125 MHz
      • Programmable oscillator, default frequency 100 MHz
      • 155.52 MHz
    • SMA connectors for external LVPECL clock input
    • SMA connector for clock output
  • General user I/O
    • LEDs/displays
      • Four user LEDs
      • Two-line character LCD display
      • One configuration-done LED
      • One HSMC interface transmit/receive LED (Tx/Rx)
      • Three PCI Express LEDs
      • Five Ethernet LEDs
  • Push-buttons
    • One user reset (CPU reset)
    • One MAX II CPLD reset
    • One load image (program FPGA from flash)
    • One image select (select image to load from flash)
    • Two general user push-buttons
  • DIP switches
    • Four user DIP switches
    • Eight MAX II device control DIP switches
  • Power supply
    • 14-V to 20-V DC input
    • PCI Express edge connector power
    • On-board power measurement circuitry
  • Mechanical
    • PCI Express full-length standard-height (8.48” x 4.376”)
    • PCI Express chassis or bench-top operation
  • Arria II GX FPGA Development Kit CD-ROM
    • Design examples
      • Board Update Portal, featuring the Nios® II processor web server and remote system update
      • Board test system
    • Complete documentation
  • Altera's complete Design Suite DVD
    • Quartus II Software Development Kit Edition, includes support for Arria II GX FPGAs
      • Includes one-year license
    • Nios II Embedded Design Suite
    • MegaCore® IP Library includes PCI Express, Triple Speed Ethernet, SDI, and DDR3 High-Performance Controller IP cores
      • IP evaluation available through OpenCore Plus
  • Power adaptor and cables

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