Low-Power, Secure Cyclone III LS FPGAs
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Introducing 28-nm Stratix V FPGAs: Built for Bandwidth (2010-04-20)

28-nm Stratix® V FPGAs deliver the highest bandwidth, highest levels of system integration, and ultimate flexibility. Choose from four primary variants:

  • Stratix V GT FPGA - Optimized for applications with 28-Gbps transceivers requiring ultra-high bandwidth and performance, such as 40G/100G/400G applications
  • Stratix V GX FPGA - Optimized for high-performance, high-bandwidth applications with integrated 12.5-Gbps transceivers supporting 10GBASE-KR backplanes and optical modules
  • Stratix V GS FPGA - Optimized for high-performance variable-precision digital signal processing (DSP) applications with 1,840 GMACS signal-processing performance
  • Stratix V E FPGA - Optimized ASIC prototyping with over 1 million logic elements on the highest performance logic fabric

Prototype with Stratix V FPGAs and migrate your designs to low-risk, low-cost HardCopy® V ASICs for volume production. You'll reduce power consumption by 50 percent, increase performance, and lower cost.

Innovations at 28 nm - Moving Beyond Moore's Law

  • Up to 66 integrated, power-efficient 12.5-Gbps transceivers as well as 28-Gbps transceivers - which deliver breakthrough bandwidth at lowest bit-error rate (BER) and let you stay within your cost and power budgets
  • Embedded HardCopy Blocks - which harden standard or logic-intensive functions, so you can integrate more and get twice the density without a cost and power penalty
  • User-friendly fine-grain partial reconfiguration - which lets you easily reconfigure portions of the FPGA on the fly while other sections continue operating, lowering power and cost
  • Configuration via PCI Express - which reduces the number of required external components, so you can simplify your board design, lower cost, and reduce board space utilization

One design, one intellectual property (IP) set, and one register transfer level (RTL) - using Quartus® II software - deliver both the FPGA and ASIC implementations. HardCopy V ASICs are pin-, package-, and signal integrity-compatible to Stratix V FPGAs. This compatibility, plus the guaranteed first-time right methodology in HardCopy V ASICs, provides a low-risk migration path.

  • OTN-2 and OTN-3 multiplexing transponders (muxponders)
  • Next-generation remote radio head RF and channel cards
  • Next-generation Fibre Channel switches

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