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Intersil Audio SoC Solution – DAE-6 Class D System Solution

口 Introducing the new DAE-6 – the industry’s
first and only complete audio system on a
single IC. Intersil D2Audio has combined its unmatched digital audio amplifier
with the industry’s most respected discrete processing firmware, to produce the
use and most powerful platform for creating unique and highly-differentiated
audio products
口 This new family of Intersil D2Audio products features discrete decoders for
Dolby Digital,
DTS Digital Entertainment™ and AAC
encoded audio streams, captured via integrated S/PDIF receivers and followed
by up to 12 channels of audio processing. This processing is configurable with
multi-band parametric equalization, assignable filtering, reverb, matrix
decoding and bass management. In addition, the DAE-6 family includes
automatic algorithms for correcting room acoustic imperfections or
performance anomalies in speaker drivers and enclosures

Intersil D2AUDIO DAE6.pdf
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